Toolkits from Choosing Wisely Canada

At the Choosing Wisely national meeting March 30th, Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) announced a new direction.

In lieu of the 10 million challenge, they are instead putting significant effort into empowering CWC enthusiasts by way of facilitating "DIY Toolkits."

These tool-kits are PDF documents, starting with a catchy title and cover art (provided by CWC), and filled with user-generated content, meant to enable you to apply some of the Choosing Wisely recommendations to your institution or practice. So far, the topics include reducing unnecessary indwelling (Foley) catheter use, proton-pump inhibitor prescriptions, 2nd units of red blood cell transfusions, pre-operative investigation, and sedative/hypnotic use in the elderly.

Click on the image below to check out the first 5 or go to the page to learn how to submit your own:


Books! Books! Books! Read all about overdiagnosis, high value care and more

Of late, I have been flooded with announcements and suggestions regarding wonderful books on the topics of overscreening, the factors that drive overdiagnosis, our inability to accept death as a normal part of life, and other important currents that feed into the "Too much medicine" problem or the "Less is More" approach to solving this.

See the Books section of this website to get a taste of what is out there.

Quick hits: New collection of articles on PearlTrees

There's a lot to read out there and some lovely summer weather limiting my time to write reflective pieces. That said, I still want to develop a repository of useful articles for you.

That's why I decided to try a new format to share interesting articles. I struggled to find a service that would allow me to collect, group, annotate, and share articles (and that was still popular and well-supported, not defunct) and I think PearlTrees can manage reasonably. I'm just experimenting right now, and there are some limits but I may opt for the Premium version which allows annotation, if people find this useful. Let me know what you think!

Content ranges from articles about surgery that is unnecessary to case reports and databases of tools for health system redesign, to commentaries on planning a good death and reflective pieces on struggling to find the 'right care.'

I'll aim to update it regularly and post significant additions here.

Check out the fledgling collection:

Choosing Wisely Canada extra resources

Being part of the Early Adopters collaborative for Choosing Wisely Canada, I've been made aware of some really useful resources that you may not have heard of yet.

Thanks to Tai Huynh (Campaign Manager) and Karen McDonald (Project Manager) with Choosing Wisely Canada for allowing me to share their commentary and these great links:

1.     Canadianized patient pamphlets

In collaboration with Consumer Reports Health and Canadian medical specialty societies participating in Choosing Wisely Canada, we have (to date) released 25 lay language patient pamphlets to help educate patients and facilitate provider-patient conversation on tests, treatments and procedures that may not be necessary. These pamphlets can be found in the materials section of the Choosing Wisely Canada website  and are downloadable as PDFs. The generic patient pamphlet contains four questions patients are encouraged to ask their doctors.

 2.     Instructional videos to help providers and patients think and talk about overuse

The ABIM Foundation funded the Drexel University College of Medicine to develop a set of interactive instructional modules to enhance physician and patient communication around the specialty society recommendations from the Choosing Wisely campaign. Developed in collaboration with nine medical specialty societies, these modules are designed to help physicians, patients and other health care stakeholders think and talk about overuse of health care resources by providing strategies for physicians to build trust and address patient attitudes and beliefs that more care is not always better care.

These videos can be accessed from the US Choosing Wisely website, modules section. They are a bit tricky to locate, so here are some examples: 

3.     Washington State Choosing Wisely Task Force toolkit

A PDF of the Washington State toolkit created for physicians or other health care leaders struggling with how to integrate Choosing Wisely’s evidence based best practices into their practices or organizations.

4.     Spreadsheet of Canadian physician recommendations

A spreadsheet containing all 102 CWC recommendations released to date is attached and can be downloaded from our website