If you are interested in the Less is More approach, you may already be providing or seeking healthcare at least somewhat in this way. But you might also be wondering: "what more can I do?"

A good first step is to get reading! Other than the articles highlighted on this site, or exploring the websites of various projects to do with Less is More, there are some really good books on the subject.

From problems in the system to how to 'talk to your doc,' to the philosophy behind what we do in medicine, the books below cover the gamut. (This site has no affiliation with Amazon - it was merely convenient to make the list below, which is in no particular order). Some of these books are better backed by evidence than others; I have not read them all but invite you to explore them.

In no particular order, books on overdiagnosis, medicalization, cognitive bias in medicine, industry perversion of health care, coping with and thinking about risk, and accurately applying evidence to medicine are listed below:


Know of a really good book that is missing from this list? Email your suggestion or tweet the title and author to @LessIsMoreMed